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     The cleaning work was completed to a high standard and Bowes Park Carpet Cleaning Company were easy, straightforward and were just a pleasure to deal with.
Annie Y19/05/2020
     After a birthday party with 15 of my daughter's mates, the flat was in need of a good scrubbing. This cleaning service had the best deep cleaning rates out of all that I rang. I am quite happy with the end result. The flat looks lovely.
Anne Williams19/09/2019
     I appreciate everything their cleaners managed to achieve in such a short space of time. I was amazed at the amount of work BowesParkCarpetCleaners completed. The standard of the cleaning job was also exceptional.
B. Jenner20/11/2017
     One of the most annoying and bothersome tasks I have to deal with is keeping my carpets free of cat hair. Constant vacuuming as well as lint rolling my sofa is something of a never ending task for me. Well I hire Bowes Park Carpet Cleaning Company for sofa and carpet cleaning on a weekly basis now and they do it for me while I have fun outside. No more taking care of Mr. Whiskers and his hair.
Julie D.28/09/2016
     A restaurant can't succeed if the kitchen is a mess. The food will be subpar, it can be dangerous, and it will deter costumers and more. In order to prevent this from happening, my eatery hires Bowes Park Carpet Cleaning Company to take care of the cleaning. They ensure that the kitchen is a sanitary and safe working environment, and that we can concentrate fully on preparing the best food. I am always impressed with their cleaning results and I'm sure anyone else who hires them will be too.
Hannah Bates31/07/2015
     I have used both the commercial and domestic cleaning services of Carpet Cleaner Bowes Park for a long time. Their cleaners are thoroughly professional and give me a top-quality job every single time. Their prices are the cheapest in the local area and I know that because I've lived here a long time. I highly recommend this cleaning company.
Robert Hawkins 14/07/2015
     As a single father, I learned to get used to my son making a mess all over the place, especially when I came back from work. I used to try and do my best when it came to cleaning however a friend referred me to Bowes Park Carpet Cleaning and told me that they would really help. Anyways, I hired a cleaner for a one off clean and I was so impressed that she has become a regular and even my son loves her! Thank you.
     I wanted a home clean as a surprise for my mum. She had been ill and wasn't up to cleaning. BowesParkCarpetCleaners helped with a thorough clean from top to bottom not missing a thing. The cleaners were polite and did a super job. The service didn't cost much, and my mum was very happy with the results. Her home looks so bright and clean now.
Linda Carr27/02/2015
     I was desperately in need of a reputable eco-friendly cleaning company to clean my home. I have had cleaners before but I don't like some of the substances that they use which are harmful to the environment. BowesParkCarpetCleaners use only eco-friendly tools and cleaning substances to do their job. They also dispose of everything when the job is complete. They are no more expensive than the other companies but they do however offer the most professional service at the most suitable cost.
Tracy M.24/11/2014
     I find that when putting on banquets and galas for the events company that I run, you always need to have a really good cleaning company. It is rare that I am let down by any of my staff, but the only team who have been amazing every single time is BowesParkCarpetCleaners. They have always ensured that the place looks completely spotless afterwards, and I cannot think of a time when they took longer than expected to do the work. It is a delight to use them, and I will carry on doing so long in to the future.
Roy Campbell31/07/2014

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